Decorative Plaster Moulding: The Key to Selling Value

Custom Plaster Moulding Sets Your Project Apart from the Others

When it comes to durability and elegance, plaster mouldings are the best of both worlds. Adding decorative plaster mouldings will make any room stand apart from the rest.

Plaster designs are endless and can therefore be fabricated to complement any décor. It’s also a long-lasting material requiring minimal maintenance. Further, it lasts for generations as it does not shift or separate at the joints and seams as a result of humidity changes; and can withstand high heats, giving you peace of mind when the seasons change. You can have the sophisticated look of decorative plaster mouldings all year round, no matter where you are in the world. Architectural plaster mouldings are an investment with a sure return. Immediately, you are returned with a beautiful space adding instant value to your property. DecoCraft USA offers a variety of crowns, medallions, and panels to choose from, including plaster coves, cove lighting, cornices, and friezes. We also offer custom profiles, so the choice is yours when deciding how elegant and detailed you would like your plasters moldings to be. Plaster moulding is a one time investment that will last a lifetime. There’s nothing else like it.

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How to Increase Your Construction Company’s Revenue in One Simple Step: The Secret of Plaster Moulding

increase revenue for your construction company with Plaster moldings

Increase your Company’s Revenue: Offer Molding Design and Installation

If you’re looking to increase revenue for your construction company while giving your customer what they want, decorative plaster moulding is a simple solution.

By installing plaster crown moulding to walls through a company like DecoCraft USA, you can provide them with an expert service that will enhance their project without requiring extensive additional expertise or equipment on your part. Continue reading

Add Sustainable Design with Plaster Moulding

Sustainable Design with Plaster Moulding

Plaster has been the natural and sustainable choice for decorative moulding for hundreds of years. It is a sustainable design element that accomplishes two things at once. It reduces the environmental footprint as a “passive” architectural finish and; it elevates a space with artistic design. Adding plaster crown moulding to walls is a great way to add long-lasting, custom decorative elements without a large impact on the environment.

Plaster is formed by mixing a dry powder with water to create a sculptable paste. The powder can be made from a variety of natural materials, including lime, clay, or gypsum. It is then applied to a surface, such as a wood lath to build a wall. It can also be made into nearly any shape or design like a curved plaster cove for instance, and then affixed to an existing wall. Due to its composition, plaster is a widely used sustainable design option as it has one of the smallest environmental footprints of most architectural materials. It is often sourced locally, and its application relies more on skilled labor over complicated mechanical equipment. Continue reading

Home Fire Safety with Plaster Mouldings

Home Fire Safety benefits with (gypsum) Plaster Mouldings

Fire Safety Benefits with Plaster

Plaster mouldings are an invaluable addition to any home due to its safety benefits. Utilize (gypsum) plaster mouldings to keep your loved ones safe and prevent fire-related disasters from spreading in your home. All DecoCraft products have a flame spread rating of “Class A”. This means that plaster’s tendency to spread flames and burn rapidly are very low. Not only does plaster resist flames, but it also reduces the amount of smoked developed in the presence of a fire. Classes are formed from ASTM E84 rating system which many building officials use as the standard method for testing flame resistance and smoke density. Class A materials all have the lowest fire spread and smoke index out of the 3 alphabetical classes in which all interior materials are organized. As a Class A product, plaster is in the top tier of materials you can use in your home and experience some peace of mind. Continue reading

How to Achieve a Vintage Look with Plaster Mouldings

Thinking Vintage?

Are you thinking about designing a “vintage” space? What elements come to mind?  No matter the vintage style – whether it’s Retro, Shabby Chic, Arts and Crafts or Hollywood Glam, plaster mouldings is a signature room element that enhances any wall to ceiling décor.

Actually, it may be hard to omit plaster mouldings from vintage designs as they are so much a part of our architectural past. They can be found as wall and ceiling enhancements in civic spaces and urban dwellings, a must-have design element in Victorian homes, and works of art gracing fancy boudoirs. It could be argued that the use of plaster moulding in vintage design is indispensable.

To achieve a vintage look with plaster mouldings, consider applying to them faux finishes. They can be distressed, marbled, incised, color stamped, and stenciled to help you to achieve the vintage look that you desire. Continue reading

Why Plaster Mouldings are Better than Alternatives

Plaster Mouldings vs Alternatives

The Everlasting Plaster Moulding

For thousands of years, plaster has been utilized to create many of mankind’s most famous architectural buildings. A good portion of those buildings stand to this day. Plaster mouldings are unique because they involve formulation and installation from a skilled craftsman. Traditional plaster moulding is durable and can last hundreds of years if maintained correctly. Continue reading