How to Achieve a Vintage Look with Plaster Mouldings

Thinking Vintage?

Are you thinking about designing a “vintage” space? What elements come to mind?  No matter the vintage style – whether it’s Retro, Shabby Chic, Arts and Crafts or Hollywood Glam, plaster mouldings is a signature room element that enhances any wall to ceiling décor.

Actually, it may be hard to omit plaster mouldings from vintage designs as they are so much a part of our architectural past. They can be found as wall and ceiling enhancements in civic spaces and urban dwellings, a must-have design element in Victorian homes, and works of art gracing fancy boudoirs. It could be argued that the use of plaster moulding in vintage design is indispensable.

To achieve a vintage look with plaster mouldings, consider applying to them faux finishes. They can be distressed, marbled, incised, color stamped, and stenciled to help you to achieve the vintage look that you desire. Continue reading