Add Sustainable Design with Plaster Moulding

Sustainable Design with Plaster Moulding

Plaster has been the natural and sustainable choice for decorative moulding for hundreds of years. It is a sustainable design element that accomplishes two things at once. It reduces the environmental footprint as a “passive” architectural finish and; it elevates a space with artistic design. Adding plaster crown moulding to walls is a great way to add long-lasting, custom decorative elements without a large impact on the environment.

Plaster is formed by mixing a dry powder with water to create a sculptable paste. The powder can be made from a variety of natural materials, including lime, clay, or gypsum. It is then applied to a surface, such as a wood lath to build a wall. It can also be made into nearly any shape or design like a curved plaster cove for instance, and then affixed to an existing wall. Due to its composition, plaster is a widely used sustainable design option as it has one of the smallest environmental footprints of most architectural materials. It is often sourced locally, and its application relies more on skilled labor over complicated mechanical equipment. Continue reading