Home Fire Safety with Plaster Mouldings

Home Fire Safety benefits with (gypsum) Plaster Mouldings

Fire Safety Benefits with Plaster

Plaster mouldings are an invaluable addition to any home due to its safety benefits. Utilize (gypsum) plaster mouldings to keep your loved ones safe and prevent fire-related disasters from spreading in your home. All DecoCraft products have a flame spread rating of “Class A”. This means that plaster’s tendency to spread flames and burn rapidly are very low. Not only does plaster resist flames, but it also reduces the amount of smoked developed in the presence of a fire. Classes are formed from ASTM E84 rating system which many building officials use as the standard method for testing flame resistance and smoke density. Class A materials all have the lowest fire spread and smoke index out of the 3 alphabetical classes in which all interior materials are organized. As a Class A product, plaster is in the top tier of materials you can use in your home and experience some peace of mind. Continue reading