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Moulding - Basic

  • Definitions
    • Height  =  Height against wall vertically.
    • Projection = Projection against ceiling horizontally (distance away from the wall).
    • Face = Distance of the front of the moulding.
    • Length = Length of the moulding horizontally.
    • Width = Width from side to side.
    • Curve = Moulding or wall that is rounded.
    • Radius = A straight line from the center of a circle or sphere to any point of the outer edge. (Diameter / 2 = Radius).
    • Circumference = The length of the perimeter or outer edge of a Circle. (Diameter x 3.14 = circumference) .
    • Diameter = The distance through the center of a circle from one side to the other.
    • PDF File =  A File saved in PDF format. Free viewer Adobe Reader available to download at the following link Click Here.
    • CAD Drawing =  A File saved in .dwg format via AutoCad software . Free viewer Autodesk DWG available to  download at the following link; Click Here.
  • How do I calculate waste?

    A.   we suggest to order 10 % additional material “called waste” as a standard.

    In addition; there are other factors that requires you to increase the material needed.

    • If you have outside cuts or self return. Each such corner requires 2 times the projection of the profile. Example; A cove that has 6″ projection, you will need to add 12″ for each of such corner.
    • if the cove has a pattern. The longer the repeat of a pattern in a profile, more waste might be required.
  • What is the Fire Rating on your products?

    Is a fire rating important to you? Our plaster moulding was tested and scored a Rating of Class “A” ~ Plaster molding has a 0.0 flame spread.

    US building code officials recognize the ASTM E 84 rating system as the standard method for testing against flame spread.  A Class “A” is the highest rating a product can score when tested under this testing method. There is nothing beyond or above a Class “A”. This is the assurance we all should be looking for when our loved ones lives could be at risk.